Sales & Marketing

With our sales consulting focused on SMEs, we help you to build efficient sales structures, transform the existing sales organization and further develop sales processes.

This includes tasks such as defining the right sales strategy for your company, finding, and building the right sales structures for you, analyzing your sales processes, implementing efficient customer processes and using the right tools and systems so that you can successfully offer your services on the market in the long term.

The focus is on the holistic customer journey, but also on employee management, new marketing and sales concepts to gain better market access. We identify and optimize the inward and outward facing measures to ensure your success for the future. For this process the method "Design Thinking" can be used well.

The basis for professional consulting is the analysis of the industries, consumer behavior, competition, and strategy. Furthermore, through interviews and observations, the organization, the processes, the people, the offer, and the existing systems are illuminated to subsequently be able to further develop the sales strategy. Also very crucial is a precise understanding of the customers and users. Here, too,it is important to interview customers, record feedback, and integrate customers as providers of ideas.


  • Development of a professional corporate strategy, if this is not already available
  • Based on the corporate strategy, an effective sales strategy is developed and sales processes are elaborated
  • Planning and implementation of successful sales concepts with practical experience
  • Active support and assistance during the implementation of the optimized sales strategy
  • Provision and further development of a sales team for your company *)

*) Sales support by Abexis could also be a possibility, either on a contract basis or also as an interim management solution.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Is our business model focused on the customer journey?
  • Are we focused on our value creation?
  • Are we sufficiently visible in the market and if not, how do we make ourselves more visible?
  • Which products and services have your justification?
  • How do we reach new customers?
  • Can we optimize our organizational structures?
  • Which instruments from marketing and sales are useful?
  • Do we have all capabilities (internal and external) represented to achieve our goals?

Design Thinking

Design thinking is an approach that is intended to lead to the solving of problems and the development of new ideas. The goal is to find solutions that are convincing from the user's point of view on the one hand and market- and
product-oriented on the other. In contrast to other innovation methods, design thinking is sometimes not described as a method or process, but as an approach based on the basic principles of team, space, and process.