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We accompany you on your way to success and take responsibility together with you. Our competences in the areas of strategy, sales & marketing, digitalization, and corporate management are the key to your company's success.

As an internationally management consultancy, we help you in all strategic developments, consistently explore and achieve growth potentials, attain targets in sales and earnings, establish effective structures and processes, and make your company even more successful for the future.

Abexis offers support with the following topics:

Topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Industry 4.0 / 5.0 and Cloud

Transformation is changing our society.

Not all topics will bring the same benefits to every company and their customers. Therefore, it is important to first collect the expectations, define goals, and finally work out the strategy.

We can support companies in defining the goals and a feasible strategy and implement it successfully. For example:
  • Market analysis with topics such as customer expectations, competitive situation, environmental factors, technology trends, and the digital maturity of the company
  • Support in finding and implementing new business models
  • Digitization, optimization and automation of processes, incl. evaluation and implementation of software (e.g. RPA, PLM, CAx, CRM, ...)

We help you to establish efficient sales structures, transform existing sales organizations and further develop sales processes. This includes tasks such as defining the right sales strategy for your company, finding, and building the right sales structures, analyzing your sales activities, and implementing efficient customer processes.

To improve your success rates in a sustainable way we identify and optimize measures, internally and externally.

Our consulting approach to organizational change is iterative, relies on agility, and involves employees at all levels adapting to minimize business risk and impact.

Our change management services can help you build a strategic foundation and guide your most challenging changes at the enterprise, program, and project levels.

We are strategic. We are creative. We are flexible. And we work with you not only to design, but also to successfully implement changes that create lasting change.

We act as a sparring partner for entrepreneurs and executives.
In an open dialogue we discuss current challenges of the company with our counterpart.

Who we are

Abexis was founded in 2011 by Daniel Sengstag.

Daniel Sengstag not only has more than 20 years of experience in corporate and divisional management in multinational as well as smaller companies, but also brings a broad experience in the field of engineering, having worked in various industries, including software and IT.

With his engineering and IT background, he can combine his technical with his business experience to quickly understand the different situations in companies in a holistic way.

Daniel Sengstag has worked for Siemens Industry Software, Dassault Systèmes and Ansys, among others, as Country Manager and Sales Director and brings with him a broad range of experience. Due to many years of experience in process management, PLM, CAx, Industrie 4.0, Digital Twin, CRM, platforms, cloud, and much more, he accompanies transformation projects, supports companies in optimizing processes, and contributes to increasing margins.

With a pragmatic approach, implementation-oriented solutions are developed, and goals are achieved and followed up. In doing so, Daniel Sengstag does not only act based on theory but draws on his many years of practical experience as a managing director, sales manager, board member, after sales manager, project manager, developer, and consultant in small and large companies.

Daniel Sengstag is an engineer and holds an Executive MBA. He is also strongly interested in sustainability issues and cybersecurity.

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Abexis also cooperates with various well-known partner companies and has established strategic partnerships.

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