As a renowned management consultancy, we help your company to make strategic progress, consistently exploit growth potential, achieve sales and earnings targets, establish effective structures and processes and make your company even fitter for the future.

Abexis offers support with the following topics:

Topics such as artificial intelligence, business analytics, Industry 4.0 and cloud transformation are changing our society.

Not all topics bring the same benefits to every company and its customers. It is therefore important to first define the goals and expectations and then develop the strategy. We can support companies in defining their goals and a sensible and feasible strategy and to implement them successfully, for example in the case of:
  • Market analyses with topics such as customer expectations, the competitive situation, environmental factors, technology trends and the digital maturity of the company
  • Support in finding and implementing new business models
  • Digitalization, optimization and automation of processes, including evaluation and introduction of software (e.g. RPA, PLM, CAx, CRM, ...)

With comprehensive industry expertise we develop and implement individual corporate strategies and also support you in defining the strategy process.

Our customer-centric approach ensures tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs. Through results-oriented focus, we guarantee not only competitive advantages, but also long-term success.

Our thorough process includes analysis, clear vision and effective implementation plans. We utilize SWOT techniques to critically analyze your internal and external environment.
Together we define long-term goals, derive measurable strategic objectives and evaluate options. The selection of the optimal strategy is based on well-founded decisions, followed by precise implementation plans and continuous monitoring. Trust us for the success of your business goals.

We help you to establish efficient sales structures, transform existing sales organizations and further develop processes.

This includes tasks such as defining the right sales strategy for your company, finding and setting up the right sales structures for you, analyzing your sales processes and implementing efficient customer processes.

We identify and optimize internal and external measures to sustainably improve your success rates.

Our consulting approach to organizational change is iterative, relies on agility and involves employees at all levels in the adaptation process in order to minimize business risks and impacts.

Our change management services can help you create a strategic foundation and manage your most challenging changes at corporate, program and project level.

We are strategic. We are creative. We are flexible. And we work with you not only on the conception, but also on the successful implementation of changes that bring about lasting change.

In the context of process optimization, all processes are continuously reviewed to make decisions aimed at adjusting or optimizing them. This may involve replacing or eliminating processes with new ones.

We support you in making your processes transparent and well-documented. This enables a subsequent analysis to uncover weaknesses and improve workflow.

Regularly carrying out this analysis is essential, as there are always opportunities to further increase efficiency even further. In general, this process aims to generally increase quality and save costs at the same time.

We support you with project implementation if you have resource bottlenecks.

Professional competence, knowledge of methods and the experience gained from a wide range of successful projects make us a strong partner for you and your company.

We accompany your project from kick-off to implementation - both in the technical as well as in the administrative area.

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What do our customers say?

"Die Zusammenarbeit mit Daniel Sengstag war stets sehr professionell und gewinnbringend. Er unterstützte uns erfolgreich bei Ausschreibungen und anschliessender Umsetzung als Projektleiter. Auch unterstützte er uns tatkräftig bei einer internen Organisationsänderung. Wir würden jederzeit wieder auf die Unterstützung von Daniel zurückgreifen.

Ernst Aerne, Abraxas Informatik AG

"Daniel Sengstag war als Projektleiter auf der Lieferantenseite tätig. Die Initialisierung des Projektes packte er strukturiert nach HERMES an und schaffte damit eine Transparenz, welche auf der Kundenseite nachvollziehbar war und sehr geschätzt wurde. Die Zusammenarbeit war stets konstruktiv und lösungsorientiert. Eine Unterstützung durch Daniel im Projektmanagement wird gerne weiterempfohlen."

Heinz Knöpfel, Stadt St.Gallen

"Wir hatten das Privileg, auf die Unterstützung von Daniel Sengstag zurückgreifen zu können. Er unterstützte uns bei der Reorganisation einer Business Unit durch die Erarbeitung einer Vision, der Strategie und den entsprechenden Massnahmen betreffend Organisation, Prozesse, Projekte und Ressourcen. Seine Erfahrungen und Sichtweisen brachte er äusserst konstruktiv und gewinnbringend ein und hatte auch eine aktive Rolle in der Umsetzung dieser Massnahmen übernommen. Wir schätzen seine Expertise sehr und würden bei Bedarf gerne erneut auf seine Unterstützung zählen können."

Peter Züblin, Leiter Abacus, Abraxas Informatik AG

About us

We accompany you on your journey to success and take on responsibility together with you. Our expertise in strategy, sales & marketing, digitalization, change management, and business leadership are the keys to the success of your company.

We also serve as sparring partners for entrepreneurs and executives. In an open dialogue, we discuss current challenges of the company with our counterpart.

Daniel Sengstag

Troubleshooter for Business Units and Projects, Digital Transformation, Projectmanagement, Interim Manager, Change Agent

Christoph Wainig

Expert for Company Growth, Sales Optimization, Business Development, Change Management and Coaching

Katrin J. Yuan

Expert in AI Transformation, cultural Transformation, New Work, Digital Leadership, Data Management and Taxonomy, Executive Coaching

Serge Garazi

Senior Project & Operations Manager in Business and Information Technology, Digital Transformation, CRM, Compliance, Banking


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