What are the common AI use cases in manufacturing

➡️ Predictive maintenance: Manufacturers leverage AI technology to identify potential downtime and accidents by analyzing sensor data.
➡️ Generative design to quickly generate thousands of design options for one product
➡️ Price forecasting of raw material
➡️ Robotics: With the addition of artificial intelligence, an industrial robot can monitor its own accuracy and performance, and train itself to get better
➡️ Edge analytics provides fast and decentralized insights from data sets collected from sensors on machines.
➡️ Quality assurance: AI systems can detect the differences from the usual outputs by using machine vision technology since most defects are visible.
➡️ Inventory management: AI-powered demand forecasting tools provide more accurate results than traditional demand forecasting methods
➡️ Process optimization: AI-powered software can help organizations optimize processes to achieve sustainable production levels.
➡️ AI-Powered digital twin use cases

and many more but read it yourself ...